Tony ziva dating service


Tony ziva dating service

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ziva david ˈ z iː v ə d ə ˈ v iː d hebrew זיוה דוד pronounced ˈziva daˈvid ziva radiance birth date november 12 1982 beersheba in the negev desert of southern israel is a fictional character from the cbs television series ncis portrayed by chileanborn american actress cote de pabloziva.

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Ncis is an american primetime television series created by donald p bellisario and don mcgill for cbs about navy criminal investigatorsthe show is a spinoff of jag which in addition to the parent series military theme and occasional spy drama also leaped on the forensic drama bandwagon started by csincis stands for naval criminal investigative service like jag it is based on a.

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ziva branstetters attorney has broken their sides silence in the zivagate controversy the lowdown they admit the tulsa world investigative reporter and editor provided an angry unstable heavily drinking man she didnt know with personal information about the family and whereabouts of the target of his rage but they dont think it warrants an apology.