Guild guitar serial dating

Guild guitar serial dating

Guild guitar serial dating 1

Between the years 1979 and 1983 guild returned to the system which used a separate serial number prefix for each guitar model the following chart details the year the guitar model and the last serial number produced for each model in each given year.

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Guild guitar dating guide 1952 1960 year approximate last serial number produced 1953 10001500 1954 15002200 1955 22003000 1956 30004000 1957 40005700 1958 57008300 1959 12035 1960 1969 the following chart displays the first and last serial numbers of guitars produced in each given year 1960 to 1969.

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Is the a link to a site where i can find guild guitar serial numbers especially the old ones i have a 2003 or 2004 d50ce serial number cvp000138 i am trying to get more information about it.

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guild instruments manufactured after 2005 begin with a letter indicating the location of manufacture followed by the year guild guitars does not have complete information regarding serial numbers of guitars built before the year 1960 due to a combination of missing documentation data inconsistencies and employee errors.

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Unfortunately once again records of guild serial numbers before 1960 are at best sketchy preventing us from being able to assure dating accuracy before that year nonetheless the charts below contain the best information we have on the approximate last serial numbers produced each year before 1960.

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