34 dating a 21 year old


34 dating a 21 year old

34 dating a 21 year old 1

Span classnews_dtoct 07 2009spannbsp018332so youre 14 years old and want to date a 28 year old guy not a great plan i hope you rethink that he gets cold feet or your parents step in look among the 1416 yr old guys.

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According to the norms you shouldnt date under your age divided by two plus seven so the youngest person a 34 year old could date would be age 24 34217 17724 you wouldnt date over your age minus seven times two so a 22 year old person would max out at a partner aged 30 of course this rule is slightly in jest.

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Span classnews_dtdec 08 2012spannbsp01833234 year old guy dating 20 year old girl robbing the cradle big community funding update you can 34 year old dating 20 year old very confused december 8 as a 21 year old i went out with guys 11 years older than me in hindsight and with the perspective of more experience i was manipulated.

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I am 31 year old women dating a 21 yeard guy hey all i am 31 years old i had been dating a 21 year old for a few months at first he and i were friendsi had an immediate connection with him for like 6 months then i broke up with the 34 year old guy i was with and he and i started hanging out.

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Im a 33 year old guy 34 in a week and i would probably date a 21 year old girl she would have to be mature and done with the party scene or going out to the bar all the time though shed have to be a stable person.

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Peeps answered friday december 19 2008 1231 am im 22 and dating a wonderful 38 year old man we started dating when i was 21 in my experience its been more positive seeing an older man in that he is well more experienced in life.

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Span classnews_dtmar 27 2008spannbsp018332the normal rule of thumb is half your age plus 7 so that should be at least 24 i think shes a bit too young for you dude i certainly wouldnt date a 21 year old if i was 35 theyre not even close to the same emotional level.

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Span classnews_dtoct 26 2011spannbsp018332ok well yours truly is the 36 year old she is gorgeous but 21 at the same time ive been down this road before too for whatever reason begining in my late twenties the only girls ive gone out with or that seem to show interest is the younger set.

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Without going too much into my dating career the main factor in all of my relationships significant or otherwise has always been the mans age for me and many other women like me it.

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